Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Little Dog Laughed

Portland Center Stage
May 2 - June 29, 2008 (Extended)

Review by peanutduck

Surprisingly substantial; you laugh while being punched in the gut...if you laugh at all. Beneath masks of uber-stylishness, self-absorption four people battle, and are sacrificed by, not only the Hollywood slaughterhouse, but societal expectations and hypocrisy. At times too neat, emotionally trite, and/or rushed, but a solid, affecting play nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

A mess.

Brik Berkes is as uncomfortable and unnatural on stage as anyone could be. Diane is good, but is this the right play for that? Something doesn't feel right.

Not a single relationship here is believable. Much of Beane's sharp wit vanishes owing to timing and delivery. Deafening silences greet many punch lines as audience looks on, wondering if that was a joke. Oh - I guess it was. Characters speak lines as if they have no idea what they mean.

Blaring airport muzak soundtrack throughout building caps bland, artificial environment, not unlike a mall.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the previous comment as I really liked the show and thought there were some nice characters developed.

What is sad is the fact that there are several Portland-based actors who could play these parts and do them even better yet PCS finds it necessary for their "rep" to hire elsewhere....

Eleanor O'Brien would have been great in the agent role!