Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Pirates of Penzance

Mock's Crest Productions
June 6 - 29, 2008


Since childhood, Frederic’s been taught by the Pirate King to be a sea-going bandit but with his 21st birthday imminent, Frederic wants to leave pirating behind, especially after becoming infatuated with Mabel. But the Pirate King informs Frederic that he still owes the King some raiding on the high seas.


Anonymous said...

Anyone care to review this show? I'd sure be interested!

Anonymous said...

I saw the show Saturday of opening weekend, so my judgments should perhaps be tempered by the timing. It's a decent production, but not outstanding. My impression was that the director cast for looks over voices in a few cases where there might have been a conflict. This is not the case with the wonderfully named Tsipa Swan, who has the looks, charm, and voice for a terrific Mabel. Samm Hawkins is almost too good for Pirate Lt. Samuel; he has a strong, certain voice, and if I had not been forewarned I probably wouldn't have recognized him in his get-up. He should be given a shot at the Pirate King one of these years. Beth Madsen Bradford and John Vergin provide their usual dependable work as Ruth and Major General Stanley (would that everyone had his crisp and powerful consonants; the maiden chorus was terrific in the first half, but I couldn't understand a word of "Oh, dry the glist'ning tear" after the break). The set is somewhat of a disappointment, especially after the more elaborate shows of past years. A warm welcome should be given to the new costumer in town, Darrin Pufall, however; understated pastels for the maiden chorus and altogether a marvelous job.

Anonymous said...

this was a pure delight.
i saw it in mid run.
all the leads were perfectly cast.
the orchestra was great and the costumes really amazing.
the dance was very complex and it worked.
the direction was clever -- very on the mark --- afterall this is old material and needs to be respected and well as helped along.
this was an easy show to enjoy.
loved it a lot.

Anonymous said...

these four actors made the show: Beth Madsen-Bradford, Corey Brunsih, John Vergin and Liz Bacon.