Monday, June 16, 2008

Portland Area Musical Theatre Awards

Portland Area Musical Theatre Awards
June 23, 2008 at the Winningstad Theatre

Awards' listing on PAMTA website.


Quintillion said...

Some have criticized. Not sure why. Someone trying something new to bring together a part of the theatre community to celebrate an artform and its artists.

I say 'huzzah'!

Format, committee, marketing, secrecy all raise my interest, but I have no reason not to give them a year and see how things go. Given the venue and names I've seen connected to the ceremony, I'm guessing whoever is behind it has some connection to the theatre community.

I just question the motivation of those who would choose now to criticize. How is more unity and attention within the theatre community a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

Wow, there are some shows that are nominated that were before the 2007 - 2008 odd.

I thought that the candle stick in Beauty and the Beast was a supporting role?? It just goes to show that money can buy you a nomination.

Anonymous said...

go to
for a list of all the nominees

Anonymous said...

check your dates.
all the shows are from this season.
you seem to be a poorly informed and somewhat bitter person.
the line between lead and support is always nebulous.
are the first 4 leads all leads or are some support?
who knows?
the tonys and oscars have the same debate every year.
and your comment about money makes absolutely no sense at all.
why is it that we love to discriminate, no matter what the denominator is.
you sir/ma'm are a "money-ist" !

Anonymous said...

hey blooger 8:53.
so if one has money, one has no talent.
that makes perfect sense (?!)
of course you didn't say they had no talent, you merely said they had money and so the world will fall at their feet.
from your cynical post i gather two things.
A. that you were not nominated
B. that you have little money
might i suggest that you, instead of posting your less than charming thoughts, instead concentrate on your own talent and also perhaps get a better paying job.
eventually, you wil be able to be happy for other people instead of envious.

Anonymous said...

the site that hosts the pamta page also hosts a blog (of sorts) that features the afore-mentioned candlestick. why bother buying a nomination when you can just nominate yourself, i guess.

why are they holding this ceremony on the same day as the pata musical theatre auditions?

Anonymous said...

Indeed! VERY strange things come up if one takes a moment to explore the website that supports the PAMTA site. . . and yes, strong ties to one psrticular portland actor. eep!

Anonymous said...

Ha! That is friggin' hilariously ironic -- that the new PAMTA awards are the same night as not just the PATA auditions, but the PATA *musical theater* auditions!

Oops! Maybe if PAMTA had been more communicative, someone might have noticed the scheduling conflict.

Doesn't seem to support the musical theater industry much if you're keeping them from what amounts to a job interview.

Anonymous said...

dear 12:16
are you a complete moron or just working on your degree to be one someday?
from the pamta website:
"The eleven members are anonymous, even to one another. This way members cannot be influenced by performers, designers, theatre companies or even each other. Opinions cannot be swayed at meetings because there are none. Voting is done by secret ballot. All members must see all productions. Members pay for all tickets. No member of the committee is active in the theatre community. Care has been taken to assure that committee members do not have family or friends in the theatre community."
this means to me that NO actors of any stripe are involved in any way with the voting.
why so bitter?
and why do you want to know why they are on the same day as the pata's --- bcuz you don't want to miss the pamtas?
the very awards you have condemned
before they even take place?
watch the movie "conspiracy theory" with mel gibson. you will identify with him very well.

Anonymous said...

to writer 12:16
joey klei, is that you?

Darren said...

Good Luck to all the nominees.

Joey Klei said...

Joey Klei here. Nope, not me. But I noticed that too.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now the nominations make sense. This is what happens when things are less than transparent.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon(s) 11:22/11:54,

I haven’t condemned the pamtas. Indeed, I’m all for a venture that promotes theatre in Portland and increases its visibility. I will watch what goes on with the pamtas with interest, and I'm sure the party will be lovely, but I have to wonder how much worth can be placed on an award when the award committee has no accountability for its decisions.

You seem to be a pamta supporter. Frankly, I think you are doing more harm to your cause than good by stooping to name-calling when questions are raised. I don’t think it’s fair to expect your awards to be universally accepted as fair or legitimate without anyone speculating who is behind the curtain.

This isn’t Joey Klie, by the way. From what I know of him, he is far more diplomatic than I am.

-anon 12:16

Anonymous said...

oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
some bloggers here seem to have completly forgotten just how many DRAMMY COMMITTEE members have "WON" drammys over the years.
not to mention relatives or friends of the committee.

WHO CARES if there is an actor or ten behind this new award?
the important thing to focus on is that someone took the time and money to recognize the efforts of our musical theatre performers.

the perfect way to make all that go away, is to complain about it.
go ahead, keep it up.

pardon my f**cking french, but some of you have your heads up your very tight asses.
the website is clear: no actors are involved in the voting.
what is to be gained by supposing that there is some dark force at work?

the pamtas are already light years more preferable to the drammys:
they have nominations
they are held in a theatre rather than a beer hall
they are not subject to politicking (because no one knows which ass to smooch)
there can be no incest.
let's see how they go before we throw any more tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to PAMTA for putting something together to recognize the musical theater efforts in this town. So many times the Drammy's dont even consider a musical. I dont know who is behind this but THANK YOU. It will be an enjoyable evening with a lot of talented, fun people. I look forward to it. Long overdue

James Peppers said...

Wow, It is one thing to have questions but some of this stuff is out of control and way over the top.
And before you read to much into this my name is James Peppers and I am on that list of nomminations. About a year ago I did some digging and found out these awards were in the works. I volunteered to help with administration stuff or even take a year off and volunteer as a judge. I was told no(by someone I had never met) because I could not be objective according to the rules.
Now, the reason I was looking into an award for musical theatre is because many of us who primarily do musicals feel that the drammies do not fairly recognize our work. We wanted something that would better salute what we do and how we do it, including some areas the drammies don't even concider. It's our community, why not celebrate it our way.
Regardless of what some may say it is human nature to crave praise of some sort. Be it from your mate, friends, family or the press. If you feel this is not true than thats your business. If you don't like this sort of thing than don't come. I don't really think I want you to. I will go to have a good time with the people I work with and concider my friends and family. It doesn't matter who may have donated the flowers, awards, or even the web service(or what ever you call it). If I donated the toilet paper, does that mean I will win. No! It just means I am trying to keep things clean.
Last but not least, you can rant all you want to the friends and family who want to put up with you but let us have our own. To all you who may come I look forward to seeing you there.
P.S. I didn't even know the Pata auditions were going on the same night. Pata should think about picking a different night.
Thanks all,
James Peppers

Anonymous said...

DEAR 12:16 AND 10:09 person:
" the award committee has no accountability"
to whom for what?
they are civilians and this is their opinion.
what the hell are you talking about?
what is accountable about the friggin' drammys?
what ARE you ON about dude?
(or dudette)

Anonymous said...

and what the hell is so "fair or legitimate"
about the drammys?
artisitic awards are, by their very definition, SUBjective.
they (the pamtas) are legit because they are
upfront about who is voting:
NON theatre people.
the audience.
the public.
jane and john Q everyperson.
and THAT ALONE makes them different, fair legitmate and special.
they seem to have seen every show in town.
i would say that makes them legitimate.
have YOU seen every show in town?
would you even want to?
i say the pamtas are a welcome relief from the status quo.

Anonymous said...

"All members must see all production" - hmmmmmmmmmm So you want us to believe that ALL eleven went and saw Stumptown's production of The Last Five Years that opened ONLY LAST WEEK? I'm all for this new award, but let's clean it up a bit. What exactly is the cut offs for shows being nominated? Grease was art of Stumptown's 2007 season and yet PAMTA has added it to their nomination list along with Stumptowns 2008 season shows. ie: James Peppers (congrats by the way) Also, seems to me that the loud, foul language is coming from someone who is involved in some form with PAMTA as it seems very defensive. Good to defend but taking this sort of defense doesn't win supporters of this new project. Be willing to be asked questions and as with anything new - be willing to let it role off your back.

Anonymous said...

What is PAMTA's criteria for picking shows submitted? Wouldn't it seem logical to go by each "season"? I see many shows nominated from 2007 season added in with shows that have already been done or just beginning for 2008. And why not add to the category list "Best Musical"? And was the Candle Stick character the lead actor in Beast? Seems that nomination should be with Best Supporting. Just my own persoanl thots. For sure I won't post my name, wouldn't want to get a *** chewing from those who have already been somewhat upset.

Crystal said...

Oooh boy, there is a lot of emotion in these posts. Y'all must be Cancers or something. So someone takes a cynical pov. Don't over react. Ignore it. Take a deep breath.... Supporters of the PAMTAS know it's a good thing and don't need to lower themselves. I'm not a musical theater actor in this city, but I support them. And like Mr Peppers (I'm a fan of yours, btw) I feel the Drammy's have never given musicals a fair consideration. It's like that comparing of apples to oranges. I like the idea of musical theatre in Portland having their own awards, by judges who understand and appreciate the genre. I applaud the people who have the ability to develop an idea and follow thru with it. Without people like this, so little would be done in our society. I think people who criticize, are deeply just jealous that they don't have the drive or skills or resources to make changes like that in their own lives. Thank you PAMTA, and I wish you the very best. You are off to a very classy beginning. I look forward to the event.

James Peppers said...

I looked over as much of the info as was available on the website and found no information as to when the PAMTA season begins or ends. But I am guessing sometime in May to sometime in May.
If this is the case, please keep in mind that Grease was remounted in May and ran through June. Nearly half of the cast changed and it was in a new venue with new staging. I am not sure if that is why it is on the list but thats my thought.

Anonymous said...

cleary people do not read the posts before they grind their axes.
the supporting/lead debate has been addressed.
as for last 5 yrs, it had its preview before the noms came out.
it will nearly end its run by the time the awards are given, plenty of time to attend and vote.
as for grease, it had TWO runs, one part of the 07 season and one well into the 08 season.
the problem with nitpicking is that when you are blinded by emotion (envy, self pity, pettiness, spite) you forget all about facts.
in general, as i have watched this debate rage, i come away with this:
so, you weren't nominated and now you are throwing spitballs at award for which you may be nominated next year or the year after.
seems very shortsighted, people.
not very adult.
as has been stated above, keep complaining and watch the pamtas go away................

Anonymous said...

Supporting actor-Kam Sisco
Supporting actress-Michele Mariana
Lead actor-Daniel Lee Robbins(although Wade McCollum Deserves this one)
Lead actress-Storm Large
Director-Barbara Kite
Choreographer-Joel Farrell
Musical Director-Rick Lewis

Go Pamta's!

IMHO said...

Supporting actor-Tyler Cafall
Supporting actress-Michele Mariana
Lead actor-Wade McCollum will prob win (although Joe Thissien deserves this one)
Lead actress-Storm Large
Ensemble-Les Miserables
Director-Greg Tamblyn
Musical Director-Rick Lewis
Young Performer - Lea Zawada
Costumer - Mary Rochon

Anonymous said...

re 7:04 AM

let's see, how would you feel if you spent time and effort probably quite a bit of money to do something nice, something positive, something good for the community and the first reaction of some was to question you like the CIA.
let 'em alone.
let the games begin.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently in rehearsal for a musical that opens next month. We have had to cancel our rehearsal on Monday night because so many people in the cast "have" to attend the Drammies.

Now, thanks to the PAMTAs, we are loosing yet another Monday night of rehearsal so that people can go to this new award ceremony as well.

The director has informed everyone that they will have to TIVO the Tonys!

I'm concerned about the amount of rehearsal time our show is loosing as a result of all these award ceremonies.

What's wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious. If the anonymous committee of eleven don't know each other and never meet, who produces the list of nominations?

Crystal said...

Same person managing the website,
who could be one of the committee members...
That's my guess.
But WHY does it really matter?
Just enjoy. And see where time leads them.

Anonymous said...

"What's wrong with this picture?"

The Drammys have been going on for 29 years ... and have always been the same time as far as I can remember ... So I find it strange that a rehearsal would be called on the one night of the year where not only do we celebrate all that we've accomplished, but it's also the one night of the year when -- all bickering aside on this thread or the Drammy thread -- the whole community actually comes out of our respective niches and interacts with each other -- Awards are great, but rewards are better, and to me, that once-a-year sense of community and cameraderie is worth a heck of a lot more.

Which is also why it's a bit sad for me to see the PAMTAs spring up. I understand if musical theatre folks feel slighted, but I wish there were a way for them to work within the existing Drammy system. I know the Drammy committee makes a concerted effort to cover musicals through a sub-committee who agree to specifically to focus on that genre. And I believe they honor that commitment. On the other hand, if this is a people's choice award, so be it. There's room for both, I guess. It just feels like -- even if the committee is indeed all non-industry folks -- it just has this "feeling" of having been initiated by musical theatre folk from the industry. They felt overlooked by their peers, so they decide to establish a new, audience-based system. It just kinda feels like begging for attention. And that's what kinda feels strange.

I don't know. It's probably all fine-and-dandy and I just need a new prescription for my rose-colored glasses.

One final note ... for all you folks who dispel the Drammy's no-nomination policy ... I'll be curious to see if any folks from non-nominated musicals attend. Maybe... maybe not. But if I remember right, that's why the Drammys cut the nominations -- to increase suspense and attendance both.

And judging "Five Years" from previews? A critic isn't usually allowed in at previews; why should an awards judge?

These aren't all complaints -- just questions for the organizers to iron out as they move forward.

Anonymous said...

Re: "losing another night of rehearsal"... I thought Mondays were traditionally dark in the theater world? I guess not in all theaters??

Anonymous said...

To Imho 6/4: Interestingly enough, Wade M was not nominated for Best Actor.

Also, shocking to me that Amy Palomino wasn't nominated for Singing in the Rain. When compared to come of the other Best Actress nominees, it's surprising that she was overlooked.

Maybe the non-theater-people committee doesn't know too much about true triple threats??

JT said...



Interesting word choice.

anonymouse said...

Re: "losing another night of rehearsal"... I thought Mondays were traditionally dark in the theater world? I guess not in all theaters??

I think for performances this is true, but in Portland, with a majority of actors and technicians having day-jobs, Mondays are sacred days for rehearsal because lots of actors rehearse one show while performing in another Thursday-Sunday.

Anonymous said...

hehe this kinda reminds me of the presidential election ....

even if you win the popular vote of the PAMTAs, its the electoral college of the Drammys that award you any power

Anonymous said...

Maybe Amy Palomino needs to move to NYC where the real talent resides so she can be measured against people of her triple threat standards. Portland doesn't understand this but she needs to leave before this city's theatre community drags her down with them . She's a big time talent.

Anonymous said...

That is so silly. To tell people that have a ton of talent to leave is just crazy. Want to improve the theatre scene? Watch people you admire, then work toward the standards they set.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the Drammy's only award trophies in categories where they feel a performance or production truly was exceptional. Not just necessarily better than the others that year. Thats why sometimes there aren't awards in every category.

It seems that if musical theatre folks in this town wanted more recognition from the Drammy Committee, they might consider trying to raise the standard of their work. Not just in relation to what the other theatres in town are doing, but in relation to what is commonly accepted in this country as "professional theatre." And I'm coming at this from an actors perspective. I've been in and seen countless musicals in this town that I could hardly call "professional".

Starting an awards ceremony that only recognizes musical theatre seems to both widen the gap that so many musical theatre folks complain about between those who produce straight-plays and those who produce musicals, while also lowering the bar for the quality of said musicals.

Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

Actually, Ms. Palomino moved here from NYC just a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

My DRAMMY picks for outstanding achievement based on what I was able to see.

Supporting Actress
Val Landrum - Street Car Named
Maureen Porter - House
Vana O'Brien - Rabbit Hole

Supporting Actor
Chris Harder - Shining City
Michael O'Connell - Shining City
Kurt Conroyd - Mariela in the Desert
David Sikking - Mariela in the Desert
Duffy Epstein - Rabbit Hole

Actor in a Musical
Wade McCullom - Cabaret

Actress in a Musical
Susannah Mars - Mars on Life

Luisa Sermol - 9 Parts of Desire
Olga Sanchez - Mariela in the Desert
Trisha Todd - House of Blue Leaves

Ted Roisum - House of Blue Leaves
Bruce Burkhartsmeir - Shining City

Rose Riordan - Doubt
Antonio Sonera - Mariela in the Desert
Scott Yarbrough - Shining City

Long Christmas Ride Home
Theatre Vertigo

Sojourn Theatre

Original Dance Theatre Production
Oya: Call of the Storm - Rebecca Martinez - Miracle Theatre

Ghosts of Celilo
Artists Repertory Theatre

Mariela in the Desert
Miracle Theatre

House of Blue Leaves
Profile Theatre

Anonymous said...

she needs to move back before this town wrecks her..go back Amy. You have the talent.

Anonymous said...

Remember, the last reason in the world you should be in theatre is to win awards. Awards mean absolutely nothing. Your sense of work should have nothing to do with how many awards you won. If you're good, you know it and we know it. You don't need an award to tell you that.

Many awards mean well, but the business of holding out some for praise inevitably has an insidious and often damaging effect.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Anon 10:42, how many musicals did you see?

Wade McCollum? You're right - his performance in Cabaret was a wonderful reenactment of Hedwig and I am My Own wife.

This just in: Wade can play andogynous Germans in shows that allow him to ad lib and break the 4th wall! Stop the presses!

There was SO much to see in that production of Cabaret that was more interesting, fresh and innovative than what Wade was doing.

The jewel in PCS' musical theatre crown (tiara?) is currently Rick Lewis, who is the most talented and savvy presence they have. (and hands down the best MD in Portland - Lytle being a distant second) I would have paid the price of admission to Cabaret, Christmas Carol or West Side Story just to hear Rick's bands play. I shudder to think what we would all be saying about PCS musicals if it weren't for Lewis (and Joel Farrel, for that matter)

Can we be done with Wade for awhile please though? Portland saw the extent of his palette about 4 years ago. SInce then, its been more of the same. He's brilliant in his tiny niche, I'm just over it.

Anonymous said...

i've just read this entire blog and here are my thougts on various postings:

1. the candlestick sings the most famous song in the show -- maybe that is why it is thought of as a lead? and since you seem to wish to split hairs, this same actor whom you single out, was a titular character in "ghosts" and was demoted to supporting actor for that nom. so it all seems to be fluid -- in both directions.
the big question is why is one of ya'll so jealous about it?

2. the drammys have no power whatsoever.

3. as for the relative quality of porltand theatre.
i agree to a small degree. i think was saps portland's quality is the sheer number of productions and also the shortage of good directors.
when one sees a production in NYC that ISN'T good one is surprised.
when one sees a production in PDX that IS good, one is equally surprised.

4. this is not rocket science. i would guess that the people who get the most votes get nominated and then people who get the most votes win. pretty simple.
as for the validity of a preview (boy oh boy do you people like to complain about the minutia) since the season seems to run from june to may, i imagine they felt compelled to see it before the deadline, hence the preview.

5. take a deep breath. let it out slowly. everything will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Amy's been there, done that. Don't condescend to her by giving her inane (not to mention unsolicited) advice. She's not a child that needs to be urged out of the nest. She's a woman who has decided to be a part of the vibrant theatre arts scene in a city that she loves - isn't that to be admired?

Portland is so wonderfully conflicted; indignant in our defense of ourselves and yet so bitterly self-deprecating. Definitely one of those "I can make fun of my brother but you can't" situations.

I'll never understand the phenomenon where people who claim to be lovers of the arts and supporters of PDX theatre act like we are the farm leagues and the only good stuff is happening in bigger markets.

Yeah, cool - that's a swell attitude. It's also probably what keeps PDX from getting to the next level in theatre overall.

I believe in self-fulfilling prophesies.

If you build it, they will come. Corny but true.

If you bash it, they will leave.

Anonymous said...

For those still not sure who is behind this:

**spoiler alert**

The host website is registered to Bonnie Brunish.

I wonder why it wasn't held in the hall upstairs from the Winningstad...

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is not a good thing. I smell conspiracy theories in coming posts!

Anonymous said...

"It's also probably what keeps PDX from getting to the next level in theatre overall. "

pray tell, what is the next level?

Anonymous said...

so, it's registered to bonnie brunish. big big whoop.
doesn't sound like they really tried to hide it.
so my guess is: nothing to hide.
SOMEONE has to fund the thing.
the site says that no actors vote.
i choose to buy that -- for now.
the site says that the voters don't even know who started the awards. ok --- maybe -- but if ya'll keep on talking about it, they soon will know.
i for one am grateful that SOMEONE
started this award for the musically inclined actors in this town.
that is enough for me.
i don't really care who is behind it, as long as the award winners (and nomninees) are based on merit and merit alone.
as has been stated in this blog already, the drammies have given countless awards to their own committee members, friends and family.

just let the pamtas do their thing already, whatever it is...

so, the guy has some money to give the the arts.
let him alone.
from what i can tell, he's given more than he'll ever get back.
a sure way to piss him off is to keep it up with all the inuendo.

like a previous blogger said, if you want it to go away, just keep up your petty talk.

speaking for myself, i can't wait to see the pamta show.

as for the blogger who said that all awards can be damaging -- i kinda of agree.
however, i think that since about 100 people are being recognized by the pamtas whereas only about 20 or less are given the drammy nod, it seems to be a much more proactive event.
much more nuturing, if you will.
i say amen to that.

Anonymous said...

All selections for acting awards will be subjective. Both the "old" awards show and the "new" awards shows seem to prove that. How else do you explain that the four outstanding musical theatre performances in Portland last year were Wade McCollum and Storm Large in "Cabaret," Kirk Mouser in "Floyd Collins," and Julieanne Johnson in "Dream Girls." Yet none of them received nominatiion from either committee.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:27-

Julianne and Ms. Large are both nominated for best actress pamtas. I do agree that Mouser should be nominated for Floyd Collins though.

looking forward to these awards!

Anonymous said...

The impression people have of NYC as being the end of the rainbow for perfect theatre talent is amusing. I won't argue some of the best performance and production talent call the area home, but let's not forget how many other NYC-based shows and companies flop. No, Portland doesn't have the 100+ year theatre history and institutionalized, old money funding of NY (or London, or anywhere else for that matter), but overall, I think the ratio of quality exceeds it. We've got, what, two or three major full-time theaters here? And maybe a hundred or so smaller ones? The question is, if you combined annual budgets from ALL the theaters that call Portland home, could you fully fund even two or three major NYC houses?

If you think Portland doesn't have the talent to compete with NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, London, etc., then maybe you should check out the *entire* theatre scenes in those cities, not just the major touring shows. Person for person, I'd say we're doing pretty damn well.

Tintin said...

Also I doubt that there was a more challenging ENSEMBLE piece than The Mystery of Edwin Drood this season.
The director absorbed the large chorus into this excellent 13 member ENSEMBLE.
Not only did this dynamic ENSEMBLE have to learn their own roles with multiple endings but every dance and musical number that was originally written for the large back up chorus.
What an egregious omission.

Anonymous said...

Nominationations make people feel good! I should know, because I'm on the list. All actors are starving for recognition for what they put their blood, sweat and tears into. I want to thank these annonymous people for taking the time to recognize a hand full, of many who deserve to have their turn in the spotlight. Whoever is behind the PAMTAS... your efforts are appreciated. Please don't listen to the nasty posts. I just don't understand the hostility.

Lisamarie said...

As a NON-nominated, no-dog-in-this-fight musical theatre performer, I find it funny that the appearance of an awards show solely for musical theatre has inspired so much controversy! Who is so incredibly threatened here? You know, Lakewood has been holding their own awards show for years, celebrating only their shows, and no one whines about that. Look, as I said, I'm not even nominated this year although some think I could have been considered (thanks, Mom, for that post on the Drammy thread!) so as a huge ego with a potential axe to grind I HAVE NONE! I ask you, how can MORE celebration of our art be a bad thing? I'll tell you. It's not. So everybody just needs to CHILLAX okay? It's a party! And I, for one, will be there on PAMTA night dressed up and ready to celebrate the achievements of my peers and my best friends. I intend to fully support this endeavor in any way possible. Hey, Private PAMTA People! If you still need presenters, gimme a call!

Lisamarie Harrison

Anonymous said...

ultimately, yes, everyone knows who is behind this. they can deny it, and that's fine, because they owe nothing to this community. but if these awards do stick around long enough to mean something to the community, then we will owe something to them for taking the time and money to get this ball rolling.

everybody has an opinion and for the most part, we are all a bunch of jealous, judgmental a-holes looking for a chance to rip down anyone who(m) is doing something we want to be doing, which is sad.

let's give these awards a chance. the drammies had to start somewhere and they probably had the same kind of conspiracy theories involved about: "here's a group of people who want to start an award ceremony so that they can give themselves an award."

well, so least for now. this is the first year and hopefully, the producers of the pamta's will learn from whatever mistakes they make and the ceremony and process will get refined over the years. this is where truly constructive criticism comes in.

this could be a great thing for portland. it could give a lot of you drammy-bitter musical actors (you know who you are) a chance to be recognized on a level that the drammies don't recognize you. but if you rip it apart before it even starts, it will NEVER mean anything to the community outside of theater, because it never meant anything to the community inside of theater.

let's build each other up. not tear each other down.

to the producer, anonymous as you are:
just put on a killer award show and let it speak for itself. best of luck!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about the Tonys tonight? a lot of the same productions received awards. similar pattern?

Anonymous said...

It's clearly Corey Brunish.

Lisamarie said...

Okay, well, now that we know it's Corey, who the heck are you? (That's a reference to all the peeps who post under this ambiguous moniker). Nothing personal, darling. I'm sure I know and love you very much. I may have dated you.

Can we get a post of the "Ode To an Anonymous Followspot Poster" from the Drammys?


James Peppers said...

I love you Lisamarie.
Save me a seat.
James Peppers

Crystal said...

A truly lovely event. quick and fun... thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The 2008 Portland Area Musical Theater Awards
were presented to:

"Les Miserables"
For Outstanding Achievement in
Ensemble Performance

Greg Tamblyn
For Outstanding Achievement in
“The Ghosts of Celilo”
Youth Resources Incorporated

Robert Guitron
For Outstanding Achievement in
“The Wild Party”
Live On Stage

"The Ghosts of Celilo"
For Outstanding Production
Youth Resources Incorporated

Mel Kubik
For Outstanding Achievement in
Musical Direction
“The Ghosts of Celilo”
Youth Resources Incorporated

Rebecca McDade
For Outstanding Achievement as a
Young Performer
“Les Miserables”

Lindsay Kleinman
For Outstanding Achievement in
Costume Design
“The Mystery of Edwin Drood”
Lakewood Theater

Glenn Gauer
For Outstanding Achievement in
Set Design
“The Ghosts of Celilo”
Youth Resources Incorporated

Gene Dent
For Outstanding Achievement in
Lightning design
“The Ghosts of Celilo”
Youth Resources Incorporated

Daniel Hallberg
For Outstanding Achievement in
Sound Design
“Singing in the Rain”
Broadway Rose

"The Ghosts of Celilo"
For Outstanding Achievement in
Original Musical Production
Youth Resources Incorporated

Fish Truck
For Outstanding Achievement in
Original Song
“The Ghosts of Celilo”
Youth Resources Incorporated

"The Ghosts of Celilo"
For Outstanding Achievement in
Original Score
Youth Resources Incorporated

Sara Catherine Wheatley
For Outstanding Achievement in
Acting in a Lead Role
“The Last Five Years”
Stumptown Stages

Todd Tschida
For Outstanding Achievement in
Acting in a Supporting Role
“Floyd Collins”
Stumptown Stages

Michele Mariana
For Outstanding Achievement in
Acting in a Supporting Role
Portland Center Stage

Bruce Blanchard
For Outstanding Achievement in
Acting in a Lead Role
“The Secret Garden”

Erin Charles
For Outstanding Achievement in
Acting in a Lead Role
“The Wild Party”
Live On Stage


Anonymous said...

Really nice evening. Nice people, nice awards, nice thing for Portland to have.

I was only surprised at how few people were actually there! There couldn't have been more than 150 people...

The awards were given to the correct people in my opinion, but I wish Celilo hadn't won so many. Don't get me wrong, it was a really good show. I just don't think it should have won best production.

Thank you Corey for putting this together. It's going to be a great PDX tradition.

Anonymous said...

Looks like no media at all this morning. No one covered?

Anonymous said...

Actually there was some coverage on the Trib's site... they're online as much as on paper these days (perhaps more online than off, actually) and worth cruising to see what Bartels and the rest have reviewed:

Dan Mussen said...

Maybe, in the spirit of the thing, they are anonymous, even to one another?

Anonymous said...

Are these awards happening this year?

followspot said...

Per their website, the ceremony is happening 6/15. I'll post a listing shortly.