Thursday, July 26, 2007

JAW 2007

A spot for observations, thoughts, input on this year's JAW.

Mead Hunter - Interview

Jason Grote - Interview

Dan LeFranc - Interview

7/12 - Sometimes A Great Notion

7/16 - Driving Under the Influence

7/17 - First Beard

7/19 - The Book of John

7/22 - Playwrights' Slam

7/22 - A Story About a Girl


RA said...

Why is everyone silent about JAW this year? Did anything go? Was anything good? Are we just too busy to comment?

Anonymous said...

to be perfectly honest, JAW has never interested me. i find what's happening in the other theatres much more compelling.

Anonymous said...

How so? The material or you don't like readings?

Anonymous said...

And what other theatres compel you.

Anonymous said...

I am actually quite surprised no one has mentioned any of the actors at this year's JAW especially the superb acting job that Marin Ireland did in Marie Antoinette. She was brilliantly incredible and I was so grateful for the opportunity to watch her work all week. I was also impressed with out of towners Deidre Henry and recent Drammy winner Alex Moggridge. Locals Darious Pierce and Chris Murray did some of the best work I've ever seen them do, along with " new comers" Mame Pelletier and Danny Belrose, who quite frankly kicked ass.- V. Landrum

Anonymous said...

You weren't so bad yourself, Val.

I'm surprised about the lack of conversation about JAW in general. I thought it was a great year that offered a lot to talk about. I was excited to read the reactions of Followspot and was saddened to find so few.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out Marin Ireland's work. She was really excellent and took Marie on quite a journey.

Anonymous said...

JAW was great. The plays were varied, challenging, compelling. Other theatres are green, but not like PCS, with envy!

marymac said...

I enjoyed JAW very much and was one that commented saying same on pdxbackstage. One other person added a "hear hear!" and that was that. I too am confused by the lack of reflection, and was blown away by Marie Antoinette in particular.

Rather than being green with envy, I am ... "[color]-ing" with pride at having this company as the jewel in P-land's theatre crown. (Can't figure out a clever color that goes with pride to counter "green" -- not enough coffee yet...)