Sunday, July 15, 2007

Interview - Jason Grote

July 16, 2007

PDF of the full interview here.

Originally from New Jersey and now a New Yorker (Brooklyn to be exact), Jason Grote is a prolific writer, a full time Professor, a freelancer, and is involved in half a dozen current theatre projects. Despite the busy schedule (or perhaps because of it?), Grote has written five plays in the last four years and is on a roll.

His recent 1001, which opened to strong reviews in Denver this year, goes to New York in October, directed by Ethan McSweeny.

BOX AMERICANA, about the cold concrete and brutal forces of WAL-MART, is JAW's closing reading on 7/22 at 8 PM. Don't miss it!

Grote has a lot to say about a lot - the current New York theatre scene, the critics, literary theory, inventing new styles, the blogosphere, and of course politics.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this new series of interviews, Followspot. This being a Portland theatre blog, I feel we all get pretty insular in our discussions sometimes. It's really nice having these snapshots of what it means to have a career in theatre outside of The Big Rainy. Gives us some perspective on where we really are in terms of new writing as well. As much as we like to toot our own horn, I think the recent focus on new writing in Portland only means so much if works created here are never seen outside the city or produced by other companies around the country.

Please keep up this very interesting series.