Sunday, July 15, 2007

Noises Off

Lakewood Center for the Arts
August 18, 2007

Don Alder marshals top flight cast for near flawless rendition of Frayn’s frenetic comic masterpiece. Audience laughter at times so loud it drowns out actors, but fortunately physical action alone strong enough to tell the story. Entire cast deserves mention. Increasing visibility on city’s stages: Melissa Whitney. One wild ride.


Anonymous said...

This show was hysterical. I had never seen this show before... I know I know... but this was the PERFECT introduction. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. It was perfect. The cast was amazing, the set was wonderful, and the 2 1/2 hours went by so fast! Go see this show! Oh... and Todd Hermanson is so yummy! Is he single? :)

David Millstone said...

Very, very funny, but a little sloppy, too. And I wished the window had been used to better effect, i.e., as something that actors 'backstage' had to avoid so they couldn't be seen by the audience of NOTHING ON.

The ax bits would work better for me if it were a real ax, though it'd be sort of heavy, hunh?

Anonymous said...

Well, heavy, yes. But more importantly it would be CRAZY dangerous!

David Millstone said...

Yah. But funny.

Anonymous said...

No review yet! I thought it was a great show, very hilarious. The people around me were loving it too.

I think Todd Hermanson is single. I had a girlfriend who dated him and said he was a great guy. (Just bad timing for them.)

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