Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Bombed in New Haven

Third Eye Theatre
October 16 - November 21, 2009


This play focuses on an Army Captain who is generally content to follow orders and do as he is told. The troop he is in charge of is being sent on missions to bomb Constantinople (not Istanbul) & Minnesota. Why? Just because their orders say so!

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Ravyn said...

Thankfully Third Eye Theatre doesn't bomb in Portland!

We Bombed In New Haven is a remarkable play by Catch-22 author Joseph Heller. The script alone is worth admission price. Thankfully the production is wonderful as well!

Back Door Theatre is even smaller than it sounds. With a full house capping at about 20 people, many productions have to have creative staging and not much of a set.

Luckily, Third Eye Theatre gracefully accomplishes the task of creating a resourceful and innovative set. The costumes are vibrant and (for the most part) accurate.

Director Alacias Enger has done her homework well. In Enger's hands the play moves swiftly and energetically. There is never a dull moment.

She also has a committed company of highly talented actors. Simeon Denk expertly portrays a likeable but cowardly Captain Starkey. Chandler Adams plays The Major with sharp cynicism and sarcastic finesse, and Jeff Gardner perfectly characterizes the last one in on the joke, Sergeant Henderson. Jamie Mallory shines as Ruth, the only female role in the show, (and the second best looking girl on the base!). Notable performances are also given by the supporting cast including Kale Arndt, Laura Beth Weinberg, and Doug Bayer.

The student price is $10. I can definitely say that as an unemployed student $10 can be difficult to scrape up! I am so glad I did! The $10 was more than worth it.

The cast of We Bombed In New Haven brings forth a vibrant, hilarious, touching, and brilliant production.