Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Public Playhouse
September 12 - October 4, 2008

Review by peanutduck

Oft-told tale: American dream’s ever-shifting reality, evolving familial and social roles, with mental hospital thrown in, threaten generational unity of ethnic (Brooklyn-Italian) family. Each act’s structure similarly arced, invariably played at level 10 volume/energy - wearying. Latter generations – Berado (welcome!), Chamberlain (occasionally forced), Shewbert - invigorate Daughters with powerful performances.

**Public Playhouse has come up with an innovative money raising idea - not only an Italian recipe book but also a home cooking show performed by the cast members. Bring extra money for the cooks in your life.**


Anonymous said...

Want a reminder of what it's like to live in an Italian Family? Daughter's throws us all back to the days of family, relationship, conflicts, and passion within any family!

Impeccably acted by five wonderful ladies brining us all around the table to share in the meal known as family.

A must see, a must enjoy, come hungry for passion, family, and memories. Bring all your relatives!

Anonymous said...

The setup and script can seem a little sit-com-y, but this show is extremely well done. I was entirely unacquainted with four of the five cast members, and had never seen any of them work before, but they delivered the intensity and the laughs with gusto. It was a PRIVILEGE to watch Meg Chamberlain at work in a very difficult role, and the rest of the women did a terrific job too.

JoRatGo said...

I saw this wonderful show this weekend. When I left the show, I was not sure what I thought about it. I left full of emotion and confusion. I found myself discussing this show with my wife for several hours and over breakfast the next day. It led to discussion about our own marriage, those of our friends and family, and those that failed in the process. It was then I realize that I had experienced something wonderful. To leave the theatre with more questions than answers and to generate thought and discussion about our own lives is why we go to the theatre. Initially, I too thought I was watching a sitcom; but that soon faded into exploration of self through these five magnificent performers. This show is a true joy and quite possibly the absolute best ensemble production I have ever seen: five women and not one weak link. Go see this show, it deserves to be packed every night!