Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dos Pueblos

Miracle Theatre **Photo credit: Stephanie Davis**
In collaboration with Hand2Mouth Theatre and La Comedia Humana
September 19 - October 4, 2008

Review by peanutduck

Mexican-American collaboration aims to explore countries’ interrelationship but plays as expose of America’s exploitation of Mexico. Perhaps I’m not target audience, already schooled in this entry-level monologue. Mexican troupe’s focus, presence more mature. Distractingly aware of Hand2Mouth’s American privilege, e.g., beatific smiles; their representation of Mexican experience hollow. Self-indulgent conclusion.


followspot said...

Great article about the show: http://www.oregonlive.com/living/

steve said...

Respectful disagreement with peanutduck-- I found the production very interesting, even quite moving. (US entitlement was, at times, the point, in my opinion.) Drawbacks: I don't speak Spanish, and that was more of a hindrance than with other bilingual Milagro productions I've seen. Also, I felt a lack of cohesion; the production touched on many ideas and could have used some shaping and fine-tuning. The upside of that is that there's a lot to see, a lot to think about, and many emotions are evoked, not all of them comfortable (i.e. the effectively lengthy "spring break" embarrassment). Several sections-- i.e. one in which performers read poetry to/with the audience-- touched me deeply. Kudos to Milagro, Hand2Mouth, and La Comedia Humana for undertaking what must have been a complicated collaboration.