Monday, June 09, 2008

9 Parts of Desire

CoHo Productions
May 9 - June 14, 2008


I am—a painter, a widow, a spoiled child, a radical communist, a sorrowing mother, a professional mourner, a spurned wife, a pregnant doctor. I am Iraqi—and nothing like you imagine. Raffo weaves a tapestry of love, passion, and wit illustrating the complex, harrowing reality of living in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

Luisa Sermol is by far one of the BEST actresses in Portlnad, i can't wait to see her perform again! This show is going to be AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes there are not enough words to describe a theatrical experience like 9 Parts of Desire. I will do my best.

To use words like amazing, brilliant, powerful, magical, extraordinary, and superb merely skim the surface of describing my experience on Friday night.

First let me clarify that the script is very well crafted, but truly comes to life because of Luisa Sermol's performance.

I am not easily captivated and not easily moved, however Luisa Sermol had me from her first breath of the first woman she became.

The piece is important and timely. We really know so little about life in the middle east, and how our presence there has changed things. 9 Parts of Desire allows us to share a glimpse into the lives, hearts, and soul of these women. Believe me, there is a lot to share.

A true master at her craft, Luisa effortlessly moves from one character to another. Engaging us. Moving us. Showing us truth. Her talent is a gift to this play and to the city of Portland.

If you see one show this year let it be 9 Parts of Desire. It will change and enrich your life.

Antonio Sonera

Anonymous said...


I also wanted to give accolades to Louanne Moldovan for her direction of the production. Thank you.

Antonio Sonera