Monday, June 09, 2008

Angel Street

The Nutz-n-Boltz Theater Co.
May 30 - June 14, 2008


Under the guise of kindliness, Mr. Manningham is torturing his wife into insanity. He accuses her of petty aberrations that he has arranged himself; and since her mother died of insanity, she is half convinced that she, too, is going out of her mind. A thrilling and exciting melodramatic game.


Anonymous said...

This was well worth the trip out to Boring, just to see Jared McClain play Detective Rough. Kelly Lazenby also put on a fantastic performance. This is community theater as it's meant to be, with heart and energy despite a slight lack of polish here and there. I love what this theater is doing.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Jared McClain's Detective Rough was inspired; his comedic timing impeccable. Kelly Lazenby engaged the audience every moment with the much maligned Mrs. Manningham. The cast and crew made the drive to the Boring Grange an enjoyable experience.