Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rest Room and It Goes: You Me You Me You Me You Me

Site-specific offerings at Just Add Water/West
July 22, 2006

In Many Hats’ Rest Room, movement, music and monologues drew us into a particularly public/private space, literally/figuratively, where we saw new facets of three characters (and actors). It Goes… playfully volleyed several dramatists up-and-down stairs, in-and-out doors and around corners, proving that the defunkt performers never take themselves too seriously.

What I love about site-specific work is how new constructs spur new thinking. As much as a traditional theater’s stage is a tabula rasa, it can also be the path of least resistance. Shaping plays for women’s lavatory or stairwell invites re-thinking of connection, distance, dialogue between artist and audience.

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