Saturday, July 22, 2006

Neon Orange and Lost Wavelengths

Just Add Water/West
July 22, 2006

Evan Thomas’ curtain raiser Neon Orange was a fantastic kick-off to JAW/West’s weekend of staged readings, giving one-two playground punches to a war-time audience wilty and soggy from the heat and humidity. Within mere minutes, high-energy, on-point performances from Chris Murray and Kurt Conroyd lured us in, then kicked ass.

“Awkward graduated into eccentric.” Steve Patterson’s Lost Wavelengths was delightfully understated, pleasingly reassuring slice of endearing Americana “anotherness.” Top-drawer performances (especially McFeron, Calfas and True) exceeded many fully-rehearsed/staged productions. Quibbles: Cymbal, fades-away songs broke rhythm. Alternating split-focus tiresome tennis match. Characters forsaking journeys makes for promising ending that peters out.

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Evan Thomas said...

I appriciate the kind words. Unfortunately, after the talk-back, the company forgot to hand out sheets to those who stayed and heard my talk-back question.

Any in depth feedback I would love to recieve. is my email.