Saturday, April 22, 2006

Write Myself a Letter

Lakewood Theatre Company
April 22, 2006; closes April 27, 2006

Highlight was the hoppin’ (though under-utilized) Reece Marshburn Trio (including Bill Athens, Randy Rollofson). Otherwise: problematic split focus alternated between indifferent Sinatra songs with boring bridges stage-right, and static faux-fawning fan-letter recitations stage-left — pandering to nostalgic blue hair who (go figure) ate it up. Superfluous, ill-fitting technologies (lights, projection, karaoke).


VoiceMale said...

That musical trio is very, very good.

Anonymous said...

dear unknown critic:
kim and i take your comments to heart. after a year and a half of work on the show we felt the first 10 performances of it went very well. thank you for your input -- we will certainly examine your thoughts for future incarnations of the show.
here are some of the letters we got from audience members (blue haired and non blue haired alike)

My husband and I were at the show on Saturday night and we both enjoyed it tremendously. I fell in love with Sal (Kim Bogus), she was so hopeful and sincere and unaffected. The only thing was,  I was so touched by her innocence, I  couldn't stop crying, so we had to go without saying hello. Corey Brunish was Mr. McDreamy ! The two women who shared our table were so smitten, they couldn't wait to get there very own CD.  I was instructed to get a message to Corey from Dorothy (late 60's, curly white hair) who thinks he sings every bit as well as Frank and is adorable too.
K. L.
My daughter Molly and I so enjoyed the show.  I was truly surprised to see Molly so touched...probably because of her age, but it is a true testament to the show that she felt it so deeply.
P. T.
I enjoyed the  show enormously-loved  all the  mics -lot's  of detail-my
brother  noticed the  wedding ring on & off  -sound  was  great- great band-
(you should  keep them)-Corey Brunish looked so comfortable  on stage -and   sounded
great -Kim Bogus was  awesome -wonderful emotion and  demeanor. A great vehicle
for all the  tunes-enjoyed  the  time  capsule  thing -Thanks
J. L.
Editor - For The Arts
The Oregonian    

As a long time attendee of a variety of different shows, a friend invited me to accompany them to one of the best shows I have seen in many a year.  And it was performed in a rather small show room I didn't know existed.

The show was "Write Myself A Letter", and was performed magnificently in a basement area of the Lakewood Theatre, called the "Side Door Stage."  I have been to the Lakewood Theatre many, many times, but never knew about this basement stage.  The show was about a girl, played by Kim Bogus, who over the years had written many letters to Frank Sinatra.  The show featured Corey Brunish, who sang great live renditions of many of Sinatras hits.  (I think Kim and Corey wrote the show)  Another great part of the show was the Reese Marshburn Trio that accompanied Corey.

The show had great (and I mean GREAT) live renditions by Corey, of the songs and hits of Frank Sinatra.  I would recommend this show, and the great performances to anyone, but especially to those in the age brackets when Frank Sinatra was in his hey day (e.g. the 1940's to the 1960's).

The show has 2 more weekends to run, so I hope you will let people know about it and how good it is.  The show is so good that I hope some sponsor will pick it up and have it performed in some larger show rooms.

A little publicity from the Oregonian ART pages would really help.  It was a GREAT show!!


J. G. B.

We saw the show three times. Loved it (obviously).  We bought 4 CD's.  Can we get a video?
It was truly amazing the way you moved like Sinatra, even the facial ticks were there. And you were able to age as the show went from the 40's to the 90's -- amazing.  Kim was charming and so touching -- I can't believe she was able to bring us to tears all 3 times.  I hope you will do the show again soon and at a larger theatre.  Best of luck.
B. C.
I had to write you to let you know that my father-in-law, who did not want to see the show, loved it and couldn't stop talking about it.  We went to a party afterwards and he talked about it all night.  It was great. Thank you for a great trip down memory lane.
C. L.
I don't even like Sinatra and I loved this show. 
(comment after show)
I saw "My Way" back east, but I liked this much better.
(comment after show)
It was captivating -- from beginning to end.
(comment after show)
Simply excellent.
(comment after show)
Wherever you do this show again, my wife and I will come see it.
(comment after show)