Saturday, April 22, 2006

Like I Say

defunkt theatre/Theatre Vertigo
April 20, 2006; closes May 13, 2006

Oh, that more theatre would be such a tangle of imagination as this! Adored drifter script; everything puppet; unsurprisingly charming Vertifunkians who gave themselves over to such idiosyncratic sincerity. Less successful: Splendide’s difficult-to-stage languidness; initially mothy tempo; occasionally fuzzy focal points; disobliging design elements. Long; payoff comes in second act.


Anonymous said...

Great show. Theatre Vertigo is a lot of fun to watch on stage.

Anonymous said...

The Act II puppet show alone is worth the price of admission.

gloria said...

as has been said before ... thank god for defunkt and vertigo and the like, cuz who else is gonna do something like this? can you imagine this show at one of the big houses?