Saturday, March 18, 2006


Portland Center Stage
March 17, 2006; closes April 9, 2006

I tip my hat to Crowns. Who’da thought a millinery musical could so stylishly cover the thinning, greying locks of Portland theatre? The interesting-in-their-own-right women get a bit upstaged by the wide, flowery brim of their own gimmick, but the cast holds its head high with refreshing exuberance and joy.


Anonymous said...

Agree that the show was very upbeat and professional. Not particularly deep; although they managed to touch on topics as broad as women's power and self-esteem to death, it was more in the way of a collection of anecdotes and quips strung together with a revue of gospel and spiritual tunes. But the cast was very hard-working and delightful.

The only disappointment was the audience: fairly sparse, even for a Tuesday night; still too few black faces, though I'm sure the ones who were there loved the show; and hardly anyone - male or female - came in a hat!

-- Quixel

Anonymous said...

On Friday night the line for rush tickets was all the way down the block! Word must be getting out about this one.