Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Real Inspector Hound

CoHo Productions
January 28, 2006; closes March 4, 2006

Great casting, especially Gary Brickner-Schulz’s oafish Magnus and Gretchen Corbett’s dire Mrs. Drudge. Much comic business, however, just didn’t keep pace, lacking energy and running about 15 minutes too long. When realities collided, sentient overtone was, at first, missing; a quality essential to making this ingenious farce such a tickle.


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend it, depending on your sense of humor. The relentlessly absurdist gags reminded me of THE NAKED GUN, of all things, but the meta twists were worthy of a Charlie Kaufman screenplay. (Sorry for the film references.) I also appreciated the skewering of theater critics from two extremes — one a gushing windbag, the other a neurotic intellect.

qk said...

Well done! Perhaps the show's pace has improved since last weekend, because I didn't notice that as a problem at all. In fact, when it ended, I found myself saying "it's over already?!" My impressions were that it was delightfully charming and quite funny (although I am a bit of a Stoppard addict). My only major complaint was that even in such a small space I couldn't see around some of the bulky set pieces.