Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Seagull

Artists Repertory Theatre
January 27, 2006; closes February 26, 2006

Hard to say, since I was Benadryl-bleary, but I suspect Chekhov’s alternative dramatic structure’s still an acquired taste. Not irrelevant, however, were tendencies to reject freely-given love, instead seeking it where withheld. Joseph Fisher’s easy-on-the-ear’s adaptation played comedy; now reveal passion. Noteworthy: Sharonlee McLean’s candid Arkadina; Bryan Boyd’s tender lighting.


Anonymous said...

Opening seemed contrived but subtly complex staging followed. “Adaptation” makes this Chekhov groupie cringe, but despite large cuts, Fisher’s re-write maintained provocative characters, themes. Well-balanced humor and heartbreak. Compelling moments between couples (Trigorin/Arkadina, Trigorin/Nina, Masha/Medvedenko). Konstantin miscast with youngster whose chops paled in partners’ light. Stirringly-played ending.

Anonymous said...

who is in the cast ?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment about the opening seeming contrived. It set Konstantin up as a fool/ a boob instead of a tortured young artist with talent. Because of this I could feel nothing for him for the rest of the play. It seemed the director was more interested in taking a stab at "fringe" theater than establishing kontantins' character. The dialogue about established art vs. emerging art is the heart of this play. The pulse of that heart was hard to find in this production.
However, great to see Karen Grahm on stage at ART again. Supporting cast, as a whole, was strong. Found myself watching them react instead of the focus action.

rufus said...

My first viewing of any "Seagull" production, but quite familiar with Russina lit and sometimes wish its characters would "get over it already!" Consequently, I appreciated Mr. Fisher's pared down script and cast's able handling of Mr. Kretzu's no-nonsense direction. Especially impressed by Ms. McLean and those couple moments mentioned by followspot. Couldn't help but notice Nina's walking on her toes on stage so her shoe heels wouldn't make noise! That made me smile.

Anonymous said...

the director needs to tell the woman who plays nina to STOP TOUCHING HER HAIR EVERY 30 SECONDS! it seemed like a nervous tick and not a character choice. otherwise she was a lovely actress.