Sunday, November 13, 2005

Nixon’s Nixon

CoHo Productions
November 13, 2005; closes November 26; 2005

Intellectual political satire considered quasi-historical power struggle between Kissinger and Nixon on eve of resignation. Dramatic arc wasn’t that steep, but role-playing other political figures was a fun character-building device. Overall, respectable production that hit its marks; played on different generational levels; got audiences talking. Of note: Gary Brickner-Schulz’s Kissinger.


qk said...

A crisp, clean production with fabulous acting. The word "flawless" comes to mind. The quick, political conversation kept reminding me of OSF's "Continental Divide" from three years ago. I would recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Liked the lobby art too.

Follow Spot said...

I believe the lobby art is a photo exhibit by Steve Patterson.

Anonymous said...

There are two distinct sections of lobby art; the Nixon display which was also quite good, and Steve Patterson's beautiful exhibit, which everyone should go see.