Thursday, November 17, 2005

Owen Meany’s Christmas Pageant

Artists Repertory Theatre
November 16, 2005; closes December 18, 2005

Bad news: Book-It again shows us an audio book, this time with loud, monotone affected, often shouting literary narrative not unlike Sunday-School recitations. Even if style mirrors story, it’s still too much tinsel on otherwise naturally beautiful tree. Since the author himself is a character, at least give him the voice-overs.

Good news: A gleeful, ecstatic performance; a sugar rush of sour Christmas candy; a snowball in the face. On-point cast could’ve really stormed a full-out script. Matthew Kern’s scheming Owen was both funny-haha and funny-strange; Paul Miller delivered best of meek Harold; and Margaret Chapman’s 1950s costumes fit just right.


Anonymous said...

You cheated! That's way more than 50. A lot of shows have good and bad news but they only got 50 words!

Anonymous said...

Much like, in a previous post, he refused to comment further when asked, but then proceeded to extend his critique on a different show in the comments section?

It's his website, sugar. He makes the rules and chooses when he can and cannot break them.

Carol said...

I don't really care how many words posts or comments are -- I just like to talk about shows and hear what other people think.

Anonymous said...

Focusing on the local Portland theatre scene in precisely 50-word increments."

Taken, precisely, from the top-left corner of the home page.

That's why you should care.

Follow Spot said...

"Owen Meany" has been extended through December 24.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or was OWEN MEANY a one-act?
The show ended and I was like "that's fun, I wonder what happens in the second act." I think most of these blogs were longer than the script.
I don't have a problem with one-act plays (it's an underappreciated play form that pretty much only defunkt will go near these days. Anyone remember Beth Harper's One Act Festival?) but I kept thinking, this is a pretty hefty ticket price for 55 minutes of live theater. I kind of wanted a cartoon or some coming attractions (a few quick scenes from FROZEN maybe?) to pad out the evening. My date and I had to pick up a movie on the ride home because it wasn't even 9:30 yet.
Was anyone else bothered by this? I mean it was really well acted and directed and everything but the play itself seemed really thin. More like a long sketch.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if he used more than 50 words. He's hot.

Mark in Portland said...

Saw this Saturday. All in all, a nice holiday trifle, well-produced, and a nicely charming cast.

HATED the Book-It script--it comes across as contrived and was pretty distracting. If a story is worth performing, then it's worth adapting.

I *was* left with a strong desire to read Irving's "A Prayer for Owen Meany." I sure hope it can't be attributed to Book-It's so-called literary approach to theater.