Thursday, September 29, 2005

Other Things That Are Playing

September 29, 2005

Got a few things I’m not going to be able to see, but I’d love to hear about. Anyone wanna share feedback on:

Blue (last year’s version reviewed)
A Child’s Tale
Fiddy Cent's Back to School Shopping Spree
Hot Flashes
The Living Tarot
Pure Gold Baby, 2005
Trust, Cab, Chiaroscuro


Follow Spot said...

Add to the list The Funny Little Woman at The Brooklyn Bay.

Dan said...

I'm still waiting on your review of Underneath the Lintel. I'm surprised you haven't caught it yet.

Follow Spot said...

Coming soon, Dan, coming soon.

Follow Spot said...

So much stuff! Here's a few more things (courtesy of that I likely won't be able to see myself, but would love to hear about:

• TheTragedies: Necrophabulous

• Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center: The Guys

Follow Spot said...

I’ve decided to forego “previews,” but I can’t resist mentioning that Don Horn is planning to bring Forbidden Broadway to Triangle next spring. Not only is this appropo for his audiences, but with a top-notch director and powerhouse cast, I think it could please critics and the larger public, too.