Sunday, September 25, 2005

Elliot: A Soldier’s Fugue

Miracle Mainstage
September 24, 2005; closes October 15, 2005

Slow, fuzzy start; clear, compelling conclusion. Challenging nonlinear, poetic script more about what doesn’t happen than what does. Consequently, Elliot got me thinking, afterward confronting my own veteran. Impressively intimate, straight-talking portrayal by John San Nicolas, strikingly poetic compassion from Marjorie Tatum. Gorgeous scenery, lights, sound by Loring, West, Ortega.


Anonymous said...

This is a sneaky bit of theater. Sometimes tricky to follow, it seems to congeal with everyone taking away something just a bit different. Veterans may encounter old ghosts, non-veterans may have a glimpse at a lifestyle choice and discipline hereto unknown to them. It certainly opens discussion. I saw people moved to tears, shudders of rememberances. This isn’t a commentary on the morality of war itself. Perhaps it’s about people and reasons they do what they do in the midst of chaos and madness.

Anonymous said...

I think John San Nicolas - the guy who played Elliott-- is a welcome newcomer to Portland's pool of talent.