Monday, October 03, 2005

15,000 served and counting
October 3, 2005

Today marked the 15,000th visit to this site. With interest increasing exponentially, I’m preparing to launch a new companion series of conversations with the people behind the productions as a way to share our stories and spotlight why we do what we do. Who would you like to read about?


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Anonymous said...

Me, pick me!

Trish Egan & Harold Phillips said...

Hey, congrats of the landmark! I've noticed over the past year that traffic on the site has increased (at least the comments have certainly been going up).

It'd be interesting to see how many visitors to your blog work in the industry, as opposed to those who are theatre patrons first-and-foremost. I think that a little demographic data might help to determine who the best source of conversations might be.

I myself work in the industry, so I'd love to hear from directors, artistic directors, etc... those people who shape the vision of shows I may be working in in the future.

As an audience member, however, I'd love to hear conversations from the designers who have been celebrated in the past, or who have done memorable and highly talked-about designs. On that same note, I'd like to hear about designers' processes - how does a lighting designer take the emotional tone from the script, for instance, and turn that into light? How does a sound designer find the right effect?

And, finally, I'd like to hear from those actors who are consistantly doing great work on our stages. We don't have many "stars" in Portland theatre, but we DO have actors who we get to see perform in diverse and challenging roles. They're the ones I'm interested in hearing about.

David said...

I'd like to hear from audience members, at least those who're interested in making thoughtful comment and thinking outloud about what flew for them and what fell. The local critics don't give us a good mirror of what audiences experience, I think. And, we industry people have our sensitivies, which can get in the way.

An example: industry people (including myself) and critics were bound to have predictable ideas about "Enchanted April." But, the audiences are loving it, even as they're expressing specific points of dissatisfaction--especially with plot resolution--which are helpful to hear.

Follow Spot said...

Thanks for the feedback. The first profile should be ready in a week or so. If it's any indication of what to expect from the series, everyone's in for a treat. I’m really excited about sharing our stories and, in doing so, creating a sort of (auto)biography of Portland theatre. .

sx said...

I just wanted to put out there, that some of the profiles that you are doing are on some people that I know (and love). They asked for photographs that I have taken of them to give to you and I'm afraid I may have missed their deadlines. Is it at all possible to send them directly to you?

Just let me know.
siouxsie suarez

Follow Spot said...


You didn't leave me an e-mail address, so I hope you check back here -- yes, you may send photos (and anyone else reading this may send fan mail) directly to me at

I'm not sure what the size restrictions are for attachments, so you might want to send them in multiple e-mails.


PS One of the great things about this project is that there are no real deadlines, though my dream is be able to post at least one new profile every few weeks to a month.

sx said...

I've checked back and here is my e-mail address: . . .please send all 'fan mail' here, tee! hee!
at any rate, I'll be sending photos . . . . . . . .

FOLLOWSPOT: if there are photos you need of certain people, let me know, and I'lll accommedate you the best to my ability, I just request that you send me an e-mail personallly. thank you.

Anonymous said...

I second "Trish and Harold's" recommendation: designers and veteran, admired performers. I'm sure we could all agree on at least half a dozen names, but if you want specific nominations, let me know how to send those privately.

Follow Spot said...

Anonymous 1:28 (and all): If you have specific nominations, feel free to e-mail me at

Gee, this makes me feel all Barbara-Walters-y ....

Follow Spot said...

In case you didn't notice, the first of the conversations-with-Portland-theatre-artists has been posted on the main page in PDF format to read online or download and print out. It's an interview with defunkt's James Moore.

Anonymous said...

How about some profiles of people who are hard working and not just smoke blowers (Susan Mars NOT included on that list), who party and know how to shmooze.
But hard working/professionals aren't what make Portland Theater what it is. Schmoozing and doing theater with crappy production values is what is considered edgy and hip.
What comes as polished is just lazy one notes. What comes as "working within a tight budget" is paper bags and garbage sacks called art.
But then if a person spends their time just talking about what is art what is theater, with a drink in one hand and cigarette in another, there isn't much time left for the work of honest creativity, now is there