Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wait Until Dark

Magenta Theater **Photo credit: Bill Roberts**
October 1 - 17, 2009


Three con men try to recapture a lost doll filled with drugs. They must convince Susy, who is blind, that she is in danger and her husband is somehow involved. With the help of a girl, Susy learns that things are not as they seem, but is it too late?


Rori Homme said...

People---go see this play. I was invited to the dress rehearsal last night and I did not know what to expect of Vancouver community theater. This play was gripping, suspenseful and still has me reeling from the the dramatic closing scene. I'm going to tonight's opening as well--its that good. Wait Until Dark demonstrates the diversity and power of community theater in our area. WOW.

Bonnie Littleton said...

Go see Wait Until Dark at Magenta Theater in VAncouver, WA. It is extrememly well-done and downright scary. Standout performances by Dorinda and Hannah Toner.

Anonymous said...

Went and saw this show over in Vancouver. Heard of the movie, but never seen either. It was quite a surprise. Started off a little slow for my taste, but kept adding elements to the plot that kept me wanting to see what was next. I'm glad I did. The last part was really amazing. Luckily the actors playing the main roles were very expressive and kept my interest throughout. I don't know how experienced any of them where since no bios in the program, but talent was obvious. Even though it was a drama, the actors played the humor elements well. The guy playing Carlino was funny and evil at the same time. Mike & Susy had a great relationship on stage and the main bad guy Roat just built up a persona that by the end was exhausting to watch but thrilling. Might go see it again since there was a lot to take in. Need to go see the movie and compare. Overall a great night in a surprising locale. Great job to all the cast. Cool set too