Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Our Shoes are Red/TASO/IFCC **Photo credit: Matt Montero**
September 11 - October 3, 2009

Review by peanutduck

White-garbed virginity, a singled-minded, terrorized ensemble that emanates danger in a footfall, encounters a tempter dripping verbal and physical carnality, who attracts while simultaneously repulsing. Even with its flaws – a lackluster Ursula and improbable (as staged) collusion – the danger, commitment, and risk onstage thrills beyond productions more polished. Experience this.


Malachy said...

STimulating, disturbing, throught provoking theatre. See it and go for the ride. Devon and Matt - two electric actors.

Howard Barker - http://www.thewrestlingschool.co.uk/ Wonderful introduction to Theatre of Catasrophe.

Anonymous said...

Okay so I guess I'm the only one in Portland who doesn't know what IFCC is and where it is located. I tried to go see this show tonight, but went to the wrong address which was 4122 NE Sandy Blvd, the only address I found on the "current performance" page. I finally found the address of IFCC on the "contact us" page, but that was after half an hour later and missing the performance. It would be nice if the address of the place where the show was performed was on the same page as the one with the information about the show.

Anonymous said...

Since you were online when you found the wrong address, it is the very first hit when you type "IFCC Portland theater" into Google (also true with IFCC Portland performance, IFCC performance, and it's the 2nd hit with just IFCC).

Anonymous said...

But really, the address should be on the page advertising the show. Small thing. Cost them a ticket, even if you could have found it easily with Google. Audiences shouldn't have to hunt.

Anonymous said...

It's also at the bottom of the page you were evidently on, though I agree it's very small and the other address is up higher and in larger print.

tarnation said...

Good fun fizzles. Sex and power talked about but absent onstage. Without them conflict and character evolution became arbitrary and stilted. Hypnotic word-play initially filled the gap but eventually I wanted more than a stream of words. Excellent sound design.