Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Triumph of Love

Tin Pan Alley Theatre
August 7 - 22, 2009

Review by peanutduck

Lovers Neil Stratman and Audrey Voon implausible: Stratman strains, eyes dead; Voon, a feisty (but undynamic) coquette, wouldn’t sacrifice her throne for him. Fortunately, Tony Lopez’s Hermocrates, comical and heartfelt in his virginal befuddlement, is a grounded, mature presence. Maia Diaz, as lusty Corine, also enjoyable. Orchestra fumbles; trumpet flat.


Anonymous said...

No kidding it was 94 degrees in the theatre.
As a result there was that bond that forms between the audience and the cast wherein we all know the horrendous conditions we are in and we forge ahead with gusto.
Kudos to the cast for making it through.
Being as we in the shadows were soaked through our clothes just sitting there, one can only imagine the condition of the performers as they toiled under:
1. the prevailing temperature
2. wigs and layered period costumes
3. the stress of performance
4. choreography
5. lights
Each and every one was glimmering with a sheen of liquid DNA.
In one of the more serendipitous
pieces of life and art colliding, since each and every character in the play is in passionate lust with someone, that visible heat only added to the fun.
There is nothing quite so fetching as the sight of a woman's upper chest glistening as she seduces her target.
The plot is convoluted, the melodies insignificant, but the voices uniformly strong and the actors fully commited to the task at hand.
The direction is competent at the very least.
I am sure they will sort out the heat thing and afterall, no one could ask for a refund because it is FREE.
Closes Aug. 22

Anonymous said...

I love each and every member of ART's resident company of actors individually and as a group.
But in the lobby of ART's Morrison stage (where Triumph of Love is running) the 5 larger than life portraits reek of pretense and have the obverse effect I am sure they are striving for.
Rather than cause us to think we are in good hands, we instead think, "Well this is very, very serious theatre with very, very serious actors in it.
Boy, it had better be great"
Then it turns out, they are just normal averaged sized people on a stage.
Not to mention that this sort of attempt at instant gravitas via photography has been around for about 80 years. (Think Life Magazine)
Could they collectively think of nothing new?
More in line with their cutting edge image?
The photos could not be more indulgent and could not lessen their credibility more unless of course they were signed by the actors too.
Last, in this world of "every penny counts" do we really need to have them invest hundreds of hard won dollars in showing us what they look like while emoting?
The photos could not be more masturbatory unless of course they were actually masturbating in them.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I went on Thursday night and it wasn't 94 degree, definitely not. I could feel that it wasn't air-conditioned but it wasn't that bad. The show was great; I had a lot of fun; the cast acted and sang so well. I was really happy that we have events like this in Portland. Keep up the good work!