Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Bullet Round

The David Mamet School For Boys **Photo credit: Lava Alapai**
August 7 - 23, 2009

Review by peanutduck

We create violence through careless personal collisions. Script’s still stuck on its platform; however, Megan Kate Ward’s keen ear and eye bring out play’s scathing linguistic and overt physical violence. Onstage relationships drag down action; actors feel mismatched, and, excluding the brothers, don’t connect. Gary Norman excels as arrogant father.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW. must see. great black comedy.

Anonymous said...

At once good, fun and mediocre.

Gary Norman.
Kurt Conroyd (for as little on-stage time as he had).
Parts of the sound design (movie theatre specifically).
The dinner scene.
The programs (actual care went into them).

Chris Murray.
Paul Glazier.
The Revolving Set.
Scene 1, 2.

The radio station scene (pacing specifically).
Lighting design.
The ending (lack of specificity).