Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Night Music

Mock's Crest/University of Portland
June 5 - 28, 2009


Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Mock’s Crest presents A Little Night Music. The Swedish widower Fredrik has recently remarried a young woman barely as old as his own children. Complications abound when Fredrik encounters a former lover, the actress Desiree Armfeldt and her renewed expectations (played by Oregonian writer Margie Boule).


Anonymous said...

A beautifully costumed, well performed show.

The sets and costumes are STUNNING.

Stacey Murdock - perfect as Frederick - I just love him.
Margie Boule - eh...does ok. Not her best role, but passable.
Debbie Hunter - FABUOLOUSLY steals the show
The Liebeslieder singers - Alexis Hamilton and Elizabeth Bacon especially are as talented as anyone on this stage. Beautiful job!

Kristine McIntire has outdone even herself.

Wonderful job and a great way to spend a Saturday evening. Escaping into a beautifully done Sondheim production - ahhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Great costumes and show! Loved the Liebeslieder singers and Stacey Murdock as Fredrick! Wonderful cast and show! The highlights are truly the costumes, sets and beautiful voices! Go and see it!!!

Anonymous said...

Moderator - can you make this show have a link on the left? It seems to be missing. I couldnt find it to comment without scrolling through all the shows.

That said, I concur. A beautiful show.
Douge Martin is quite amusing as the stuffed shirt he plays.
Debbie Hunter! so funny as a stuffed shirt's wife. Her timing is spot on.
Stacy murdock - perfection - terrific voice, has wonderful control of the show
Loved the dinner scene on elevator stage. So effectve.
Opening of Act II exquisite, the lighting and back scene of the lake set off Elizabeth Bacon's velvety marvelous voice and I wanted her to sing on and on. Alexis Hamilton is fantastic as the opera singer she obviously is. A little much for when she joins her compadres, but lovely in solo moments.
Cons? acting could be better, especially if youre going to be the headliner (ahem) some of the men need to be careful of the ladies long dresses,
But there is much to love about this performance.
Costumes, lighting, and good singing. All done under the direction of a pro to the music of one of the most remarkable lyricist/composers of my lifetime. I encourage all to feast on it.

Anonymous said...

I saw this show last night. I agree with everything said! The costumes, sets and music are AMAZING!!! I especially loved Stacey Murdock and Debbie Hunter. The liebeslieder singers are all wonderful! I especially enjoy them in act II when they all come out and sing a little peice from each song. I loved Jeremy Sloan's lyric tenor sound, Elizabeth Bacon's flirtiness and Alexis Hamilton's powerhouse voice. Kudos to Kristine for a truely wonderful night!

Anonymous said...

I know, a little late, but in agreement that this was a great show. What a total departure from the usual Mock's Crest fare - it was weird to hear so much dialogue in that venue!

Darrin Pufall's costumes were STUNNING, and if he doesn't win some kind of award it would be a crying shame. His commitment to each and every costume is truly amazing.

The orchestra was a little off-kilter the night I saw them, which was very early in the run, so maybe they got their poo together.

Stacey Murdock was fab - such a generous performer, and a great talent. I hope to see more of him around town.

Debbie Hunter - the best thing on that stage. Hands down.

Liebeslieder Singers - mostly fab, would have loved a better balance, though. Again, maybe that improved through the run.

Margie Boule - not her role. Maybe she's great in other stuff, but I was underwhelmed after all the hype and the ovation (???) upon her first entrance.

Kristine McIntyre's direction was delightful and well-thought out.

John Szerzen's choreography was mostly pretty good (how can you go wrong with waltzing?) but sometimes seemed a little too busy for the number of people on stage and the amount of space.

Delightful surprise of the evening: Eva Wolff! She was fantastic as the maid, Petra. Her big Act 2 solo was spot-on, and she was a bright spot on stage every time she walked on.