Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Live Nude Fear!

Lorraine Bahr & Ritah Parrish
Hosted by Portland Playhouse
September 19 & 20, 2009


Back by popular demand. Written by and starring Lorraine Bahr and Ritah Parrish, Live Nude Fear! is a hilarious and stirring evening addressing, through monologues, scenes, movement and video, the role our fears play in journeys of friendship, solitude, aging, illness, loss and survival.


scabbyknee said...

People like our show so much they are coming back and seeing it again! We sure hope you come and check it out.

splattworks said...

A smart, funny, and sometimes moving show from two very gifted artists. Check it out.


j said...

I enjoyed so many things in this show. I liked being surprised by the artful wordplay. I was delighted by the way each actor tenderly showed us her heart, then proceeded to chase it around the stage with a mallet (figuratively). The vulgar songs entre-act and unapologetic ribaldry exiled my stress like good old vaudeville. I liked hearing the echo of my own reflections on childhood - as though it was someone else's life I remember. And Dot's green jacket!