Sunday, October 12, 2008


defunkt theatre **photo credit: james moore**
September 19 - October 18, 2008

review by peanutduck

unfolds slowly, think foreign film; is played so low-key, nearly flat - exceptions being singing hamster, talking head - which satisfies more than force-fed emotion. i left gleefully puzzling over unanswered questions. moore’s development of parallel universes – colliding penny-cast wishes - incomplete but still mentally delicious. tech, direction, acting superb.


Anonymous said...

Amazingly, I agree with the reviewer. A very interesting and thought provoking piece. The acting is quite honestly, very good. The play is not for everyone BUT it rewards those who do not want the comfortable TV spoon-fed type of exposition. This is real, Portland generated theater that comes from a unique point of view. Come and experience something different

jerryketel said...

This production is everything a defunkt Theater piece should be.