Sunday, October 12, 2008


Lakewood Theatre Co.
September 12 - October 19, 2008

Review by peanutduck

Charles Kettering said, “Failing is one of the greatest arts in the world”; and, frequently, talented artists, e.g., Harrison and Bates, fail hardest. Plot jerky, lacks focus, compromises potential by using children, who serve only to create cuteness factor. Music adept, if unsurprising; lyrics flip-flop between skillfully expressive and terrible.


Anonymous said...

A group of four of us went in spite of the weak reviews and were all delighted we had. The seven extremely talented youngsters were a wonderful addition to a very strong cast. It is an epic story told in a venue that seemed a bit too small. I would have liked to hear Pandora tell more of the "woes of the world", particularly as sung by Julianne.

Anonymous said...

Though lots of the music is amazing an equal amount repeats way to often making most of the lyrics quite a snore for me personally. One main factor that distracted me was that the majority of the costumes just did not go well with the show at all. Hermes is in a Potato Bag Bell Boy outfit lined with what looks like tin foil around the collar. What’s with the flip flops the actors are wearing?!
Singing from Julianne, Eugene, and Kirk was amazing! Though Hermes to me was like Iceberg lettuce, not much there vocally or acting wise, just kind of laid there lifeless. I found myself looking at my foot many times when he was onstage just for something entertaining to watch. The children where great, an amazing group of children. I have seen Morgan in a few different shows and have enjoyed him but this show was a miss for me. His vocals where very lacking for what I feel that part called for. I have heard this music before and it was just not there for me. All in all, it was an ok so show but it needs allot of work if it is to ever be produced again.
The whole first act could have been wrapped up into one great big opening number and then gone into "Dare to Dream" and built from that point on. It seems to me that there was no editing process for this show and anything that was written down was thrown in. I had to also let go of my knowledge when it came to the mythology as it is loosely, if at all, followed in this telling of Prometheus.
I will stop rambling now.
Not a horrible show, but not the best of them either.
Not worth the $28.00 I paid to get in, maybe more like $5.00 at the most.

Anonymous said...

hmm. . . maybe a bad precedent to begin rating theatre (or any art) by assigning it a monetary value.

...i'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

> hmm. . . maybe a bad precedent to begin rating
> theatre (or any art) by assigning it a monetary value.

It's been done here before. And I think this remains in the realm of personal opinion: note that the poster refers to "the $28.00 _I_ paid...." Others might have been glad to pay that amount for this show. Other houses offer several different ticket prices for the same show.

Anonymous said...

Saw this show on Friday and was delighted. Music was good too. The lyrics were sometimes mumbled - or I don't hear as well. I was caught up in the play from the beginning.
the only jarring note to me -excuse the pun-- was the prominence of the musicians center stage. Was that a tribute to the composer/ conductor? seemed to be invited into the play but didn't do anything visually that I could tell.
All in all, one of the best I've seen at Lakewood and we've had season tickets for over 10 years

Anonymous said...

The cast assembled for this show is wonderful. It's shameful that this incredibly talented group was constrained by having to work with such astonishingly dreadful material.