Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blue Moon: An Evening of Classic Song

Blue Monkey Theater Co.
September 5 - October 4, 2008

Review by peanutduck

Blue Monkey makes it easy to support their teen-oriented company with a purely enjoyable evening of 4/5ths adult (representing the teens’ futures?) theatre veterans mourning, playing, teasing through mostly musical theatre standards, so much better live than on a recording. Only 75 minutes – plenty of time for wilder adventures after.


Anonymous said...

a couple dozen songs sung delightfully well. a pleasant evening out.
charming, funny, touching.

Crystal said...

Great night!! Relaxing, enjoyable, engaging and just fun!! The set was perfect, Ben's piano work is always a treat to watch and the singers were so good. Corey always makes me swoon, and Laurie was so adorable!! Seeing the young artist work with the professionals is what this theatre company is all about. It was our pleasure to support this event!!!

Anonymous said...

Saw the show last Saturday - really wonderful songs. Come out and support this teen theater - and see the kids singing with these seasoned professionals - it's a real treat - well done by all with some interesting "patter" between songs.Very personal setting.

Anonymous said...

What a great showcase of some of Portland’s best voices. Laurie Campbell-Leslie is always a treat with her great voice and lovely presence. One of the best male vocalists I know is James Peppers. His beautiful tenor always thrills. The rest of the cast was rounded out very well. I especially loved the young lady’s voice that ended the evening. What a great treat this is, everyone should come out and be entertained at the same time as they are supporting a great new theatre company!

Anonymous said...

The "lovely young lady" who ended the show was Camille Trinka, a rising young musical theater talent in Portland. She will be singing again on Oct. 3rd and
4th. Come out and see her and the rest of this wonderful group - they are all so entertaining and the classic songs are so beautifully sung.

Anonymous said...

congrats to all on a superb evening.