Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Long Christmas Ride Home

Theatre Vertigo
April 18 - May 17, 2008


Review by peanutduck

Heart, eyes, and ears enraptured, captivated for 85 minutes. Heart: vulnerability of children to parents’ weaknesses and lust, so forever wounded. Eyes: as puppets, children helpless to the hands of the (skilled) puppeteers. Ears: Vogel’s poetry, sweeping rhythms, soft irony, humor, and gentleness. Thank you Vertigo for breaking my heart.

Review by Followspot:

Magnificent puppet work. Fantastic star turn by Gary Norman in the 2nd half. Enthralling story that is, at times, derailed by Vogel's need to make everything about AIDS. Stick with the identity changes (family drama, AIDS play, afterlife fantasy) for a moving, gorgeous piece, and Vertigo's best in recent memory.


anomalight said...

Here's the trailer:

-j said...

a wonderful experience: images and pieces of language have stayed with me since. i’m haunted by breaths and by the simple but not simple 'if if if...'.

this production is designed beautifully, directed sharply, the performances are terrific and yes, the puppets look beautiful and are used so well. i recommend it.

Ben Waterhouse said...

I absolutely agree with james.

melissa said...

This play is BEAUTIFUL. Stunning. Don't miss it. If you do, you will be sad ;-)

Congratulations Vertigo, on a job very well done!

Melissa Whitney