Saturday, March 08, 2008

Landscape of the Body

Profile Theatre
March 5- April 6, 2008

Review by Followspot:

What will it take to get directors to stop blocking for proscenium when working in a thrust? Play the angles - the sides count! Alder, Bruno, Herman are fantastic, but the show lags when they are offstage. Props matter - if the body doesn't look like a body, it's not a body.


Anonymous said...

agree with the blocking, other than that way off base review
The whole cast was terrific
damon cupper is spot on,wow and jami chatalas was amazing, funny creepy singer dancer comedian. odd play done well. wish 70's era was emphasized

Anonymous said...

Presumably somebody at Profile is aware that their web site is no longer active?

Anonymous said...

profile's webpage just got a revamp, it appears. maybe you tried to go when the site was under construction, but i just tried it and it is both working and looking really fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Excruciatingly dull. It was striking how non-dramatic huge chunks of this play felt. After a while it was so boring it was almost impossible to hear what anyone was saying. This felt like a play someone dashed off in an hour.

Lots of yawning in the audience as the interminable Act 1 proceeded. Painful.

Great cast, but there is only so much you can do with a script like this.