Thursday, March 06, 2008

Higher Ground

Sherwood Middle School
March 9, 2008


After weeks of rehearsal, kids at Sherwood Middle School had their play production shut down over content just days before opening, when the principal and a few parents finally got around to reading it. They are performing off-campus anyway. Go support these brave kids, standing up for what's right. Donations.


Anonymous said...

Tonight, I had the honor of seeing the first performance of Higher Ground for friends and family of the production. I have viewed several middle school plays, and this one is hands-down the best. The writing was sophisticated and witty. The student performances were sincere and moving. The people on my left and right cried at the end when all of the young actors' persistence and dedication paid off with a standing ovation. The students shouted out thanks for Miss Brown, and Miss Brown finished by saying, “This play was worth every minute of it.” Please bring your teenage friends and family to this production—it is a tasteful portrayal of middle school life, and the play inspires one to live a life of kindness. The moral lesson is perfect, and teenagers need to hear that they are not alone in their daily struggles.

Mead said...

If you missed Wade's original appeal on PDXbackstage, Dot Hearn does a nice recap of the issues at stake here on the Porltand Dramaturgy Cabal:

Anonymous said...

I tried to go and support these kids standing up and performing in the face of censorship, but they were sold out! Bravo to everyone who went to support their endeavor. One of the ushers told me they were going to try to perform again next week and I hope everyone who can will go out and support them.

This speaks to a very broad issue of censorship and we should all be out supporting these young artists.

I encourage everyone to do their part, even if that just means showing up.

Congratulations to all involved!

Jonah Weston

winkus34 said...

Alert: Sherwood administrators confiscated Ms Brown's computer last week (before play was performed in Portland). When the computer was returned, Ms. Brown's email was changed to:

If you have tried to contact her, those emails are probably going to the administration. It would be a shame if messages from well wishers and friends of "Higher Ground" are not being received by the proper owner. Please make a note of her new address. Thanks!