Thursday, January 17, 2008

Curate Shakespeare As You Like It

Lakewood Theatre Company
January 11 - February 12, 2008

Review by Thursday

Nigro attempts to do many things with this play, including pare down all of Shakespeare into glib phrases. He fails at them all. Somewhat difficult blocking and lights don't help. Why see it? Actors Scales, Young, Bigelow, and Weston bring life to flat characters, amazingly. Sometimes funny, with excellent singing.


Anonymous said...

Agree that Young, Bigelow, and Weston are the highlights in this show (Scales doesn't get to do much, and I'm sorry, but I never did grasp his character's motivation -- author's fault). I loved this play on the page, but it often dragged in performance: too much Shakespeare, I guess. The audience I was in laughed at some of the classic Shakespeare lines, but being quite familiar with them I didn't laugh, and found the source interpolations too long and ponderous. Cast does great work with this problematic script, though.

Anonymous said...

I also agree. Fine cast that does good work but the script is so awful that it painful.

Chai said...

Wow- I had no trouble at all following the motivation, and I thought the script was brilliant! This was a great group of actors doing a wonderful job with a clever and intelligent script. I went to a Sunday matinee, and the audience was in stitches for most of the performance. This is the 2nd play I have seen directed By Ms. Becker and I have thoroughly enjoyed them both!