Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy F@!*ing Holidays 3

Toy Boat Productions
December 27 - December 29

Show Description:

Happy F**king Holidays is a collection of 9 short plays by local writers with a slightly twisted sense of humor. Exorcise the holiday stresses by laughing at how much worse it could be.

What if you accidentally shot Santa? Or your Christmas date was a little too close too home?


David Millstone said...

This crew needs more work. Very raw acting. Nothing wrong with that, but lines need to be memorized and cues picked up. Also, transitions between acts are deadly long and the show started twenty minutes late, tonight. Many actors are nearly inaudible. These are fixable problems.

Anonymous said...

It was an hour and a half until intermission, when i left because the theatre was freezing. sorry!

More rehearsal might fix the slow pace- actors taking lengthy internal pauses, slow reactions, swimming around on stage, seemingly not sure where to go.

The show would have benefited from some cuts - take out the so-so sketches and spend more time rehearsing the clever ones, like A Close Shave and The Last Noel.

There were some good laughs, though a few too many jokes about the north pole in Santa's lap for my taste.

~heather rose