Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Underpants

Portland Center Stage
October 16 - December 9, 2007

November 7, 2007
Posted by Followspot

Not so much over the top as under the bottom. Why, when you could do almost any play, would you choose this one? Kind of like ordering a corn dog at Higgins. Martin’s talent seems more about his own physicality than writing ability. Despite material, Steinkamp and Borrelli shine bright.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen this show?

I've heard so little about it....

corndoglover said...

Too late, since the show's long over... but I strongly disagree with followspot (other than agreeing on the strong performances). I found the whole play thoroughly entertaining, and could appreciate Martin's influence, particularly in the physical comedy of Versati, (deftly played by Michael Borelli). The small venue worked well, as Versati waxed poetic directly to individuals in the audience, and Elizabeth Meadows Rouse (as Louise), added understated charm to her character with subtle expressions and nervous under-the-breath comments, in-between the frantic slapstick moments. Yes, it was over the top and under the bottom... so? Lots of people like a corn-dog now and then, if it's a good one -- and if Higgins had one on the menu, I'd guess it would be pretty darn good - I'd probably have to try it.