Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Christmas Carol

Portland Center Stage
November 27 - December 23, 2007


thehickster said...

laboriously conceived
meticulously mounted
completely inert

gorgeous to look at

nwct mounted a production a few years back (with the glorious tobias anderson in the lead) for 1/5 the cost and generated 10 times the emotional impact.

rumor has it pcs plans to do this one over and over again.
one can only pray they start from scratch.

the musical bits are superfluous,
and the narration parceled out to countless cast members, far from connecting us to everyone, instead connects us to no one.

this show is as weightless and hollow as the soap foam snow flakes which fall during the curtain call.

yet another huge pcs ripoff.

spend the $50 on someone you love instead.

David Millstone said...

The sheer weight of all those LORT houses doing A CHRISTMAS CAROL every year is going to dry up the market it for them, perhaps. Or not.

These productions seem pretty cynical to me. Though, that said, tonight I'm headed over to The Alley Theater for it's version. All my Intro. to Theater students LOVED it....

Oh, well. We all gotta make a buck.