Saturday, November 24, 2007

As Is

Key Productions at IFCC
December 7-22, 2007

December 6, 2007
Posted by peanutduck

Once considered timely, script now teeters towards maudlin. Production plays the ending - often overwrought; uncertain voice; parallel scenes muddled; last half hour, weeping and wailing; Rich, central P(erson) W(ith) A(IDS), awkward; ensemble disconnected. Hope? Yes: cast committed, professional; give them two weeks to rise above direction. Watch Jill Westerby.

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Dramatist said...

Well, what you wanted to see happen in two weeks, quite frankly, happened in two days. Seeing this show on Saturday night was a distinct privilege! One of the best ensembles I've seen on a Portland stage in quite a while. There was not a weak link and the emotion was not overplayed! Great direction and straight forward, in the moment, performances. I wish there was more of this on some Portland stages! David B and Michael T had a wonderful, believable relationship (both the ups and downs) and Michael Mendelson's direction was spot on! People need to get out and see this may think it's "out of date", but AIDS is still a major issue (and one now overlooked too often) in our society! Great job Key Productions!