Saturday, August 18, 2007

Zombie Prom: The Atomic Rock Musical

August 3, 2007
Guest Review

If you like kitsch, you'll love this. If you like understanding the words to the songs, you may be frustrated. Andrew Bray is charismatically loveable as the titular zombie. Joseph Klei's work was stunning when he could remember his lines. Cameron Peart is adorably "clueless." Perfect retro-cartoon "Goosebumps"-y set.


Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad you got out to see the show. I have to agree Peart was by far the strongest out of the females, unfourtunatly her mic was not working the night I saw it. Toffy's voice really got to me, and didn't have much of a stage presence about her. David Ruben also made me laugh. Bray's voice was cracking when I saw it...maybe the show's a little hard on the voice. So was it just me, or did their intermission thing drag on and on and on...? Not to mention a few interesting audience members...all in all it was great fun. I just wish there was more of an outstanding young cast.

Anonymous said...

This was a fun evening and the people in the audience who dressed up really added to the general atmosphere. Joseph Klei (who remembered his lines very well the night we went!) was a treat and Andrew Bray is a good actor with a quality voice. Toffee really could not hit the notes and it was hard to listen to her. Please! Why in all of Portland can't you find a lead female who can sing? Surely there is more talent to choose from. Cameron Peart did well but could she not come up with some other habit besides having her fingers in her mouth in every scene?? Directed with lots of humor by Mr. Monteverde. But I agree with anonymous's comment that the young cast needed to be more professional. It had more of a "high school" feel than you were probably going for...

Anonymous said...

Peart was indeed the strongest female! My eye was mainly drawn to her during the ensemble numbers because she was consistent and as genuine as she could be considering the genre. She was refreshing amid some other more affected performances.
And did they even need mics in such a small space? Seems like the sound issues could have been solved with no mics at all.