Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Act a Lady

Portland Center Stage
Posted by Followspot February 6, 2007; closes March 11, 2007

Like refreshing sparkling cider: sweet, bubbly, innocent touch of tang. Incredibly endearing, in-the-moment ensemble holds clever, theatrically reverent split-script on even-heel, stabling well golly, folly. Shrewdly-designed, balancing Jeff Cone’s suitably outlandish costumes. Play-within-play actors meeting literal counterpoints seemed unnecessarily meta; how could this mirroring be realized real-time? Elucidate Dorothy’s transformation.


Follow Spot said...

P.S. I just want to add how much I have fallen in love with the Armory facility. Elegant enough to make the evening feel special; comfortable enough to be relaxed and welcoming.

Hill said...

From Bob Hicks' review in the Oregonian:

"It's a celebration of theater's glorious artificiality, which at its best is also a conduit for truth."

Love it.

sdh said...

I didn't love it. It seems designed for a much bigger stage (should be on the proscenium), but my main complaint is that it's confusing. Why the gender-bending in that particular time and place? Why the women showing up as their men (and as this is in the script, did two of the women cast have to be so much smaller than the men cast? Took awhile to realize who they were supposed to be.)? Some standout acting, great costumes.