Tuesday, November 14, 2006

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Brundog Productions & Integrity Productions
Posted by Frenchglen, Nov. 5, 2006; closes Dec. 10, 2006

**Note: Based on Preview**

Authentic staging of an Oregon original. Kesey’s haunting meditation on loss of native culture and the dangers of rebellion pulses through this meticulously conceived show. Interlocking pieces and performances work together as one. Moving: Chief’s shimmering visions. Missing: Full glimpse of the awesome Combine. Mighty: Alder’s McMurphy, set. O Celilo!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful engaging night. You don't have to spend a lot of money to see a professional show. This show is so well thought out and conceived. Set, lighting and music all work together with the strong cast to produce a solid ensemble. The point of view is refreshing and not the same as the film. You leave thinking of things the film missed.

Anonymous said...

Good work by a very strong cast. This is Alder's gang out for another good romp and the fun they have is infectious. The show itself is minor stuff (as well as weirdly misogynistic) but the performances lift it. John Morrison even ennobles it, doing some of the best work I've seen from him. Don Alder is in top form. Lauren Bair is a young performer who we're going to see a lot of over the years, if we're lucky, and she doesn't fly off to NYC or L.A., where she might well be able to make a career. Watch for her. Terrific cast all around. And a fun night.

Allison said...

WOW! Congratulations and welcome Brundog on your initial Portland production. All Around Outstanding cast/ production!!!
(still comparisions will be made)Jane Geesman is a more warm but still appropriately icy (yet not as frigid as most)Nurse Ratched. Don Alder is just right as a cleaner more sanitized MacMurphy. Watch consistent Ron Daum in the corners and shadows of his fellow performers as Cheswick (a role I never even noticed before)One misfire is the casting of the Doctor(??????) otherwise Great Show Great Evening. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

A glorious night of theatre is to be had at Theatre!Theater! on 34th and Belmont.

Playing through December 10th is the play adaptation of Ken Kesey's classic tail.

Unlike the movie, the play closely follows Chief Bromden's narration--basically, we get to see inside of his head.

Like the movie, the play centers around the classic confrontation of the upstart McMurphy vs. Big Nurse.

All of the elements of an outstanding evening of theatre are at work in this production: direction that allows the actors to truly play off of each other, designers who aptly create a "day-room" in a mental institution, and lastly, but not least are the actors onstage.

It is rare to see what is commonly known as "ensemble acting"-- where the players allow each other the space, within the given circumstances of the scene, to truly EXPLORE the moment, and in so doing, help us dispel belief, and allow us to truly see what insanity and control are really about. Like the movie, the play has everything--great conflict, horrific treatment of "inmates", and a healthy dose of good feeling, despite the most trying of circumstances.

All of the performances were excellent.

This is a great play and a truly remarkable production.

If you like LIVE THEATRE, I URGE you to see this play. Hurry, they are selling tickets like pancakes. Word of mouth is spreading.

See it before it closes!

erstwhile theatre artist and writer

David Loftus said...

Fine work, all around. Terrific cast. It's been too long since I last saw Don Alder on stage (His marvelous "Fortinbras," I think.) You're in good hands with this show, which is a fitting tribute to the late Mr. Kesey. A period piece of sorts, yes, but there's sufficient food for thought about how power corrupts and deludes itself, and the powerless manage to work together now and then when they forget to stop picking at each other. WARNING: This is the final weekend.