Sunday, November 19, 2006

Inspecting Carol

Artists Repertory Theatre
Reviewed by Followspot November 19, 2006; closes December 24, 2006

Let’s be clear: this was audience-pleasing without doubt. But light, zany farce generally not ART’s strong suit: silly shtick becomes unwieldy in hands of company’s more dramatic leads, evidenced here by surprisingly angry, almost bitter tone to first-half. But just wait: after weeks of eight, things’re bound to go Burnett.


David Burnett said...

That can't be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Saw it last weekend. Everybody is very talented. Not a lot of them are very funny. Pace is quick but very steady and very modulated and almost everybody seems to be working too hard. Is there a difference between being able to act and being able to act comedy? Saw the play in it's original form back in Seattle like 20+ years ago and the script has not aged well. Highlights are the tricked out set, the Pinata of Christmas Past, David Meyer's freaky eyebrows and whoever that guy was in the biker jacket with the red hair (I think he's a set builder for ART) He had like one line. THAT guy was a scream!