Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Children’s Hour

Portland Community College-Sylvania Theatre Department
Reviewed by Followspot November 17, 2006; closes November 19, 2006

Assumedly based on real-life 1810 incident, this 1930s shocker significantly weakens amid present-day sensibilities. What’s a director to do? Treat it a museum piece? Modernize the menace? Either extreme valid, but here middle-ground falls flat on more skeptical/cynical ears. Well-oiled student cast comfortable in spotlight, but characters’ discomfort drives story.

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Anonymous said...

This did feel like a piece of theatre history.

Interesting to see older structures, forms.

I guess this would be called melodrama? Lots of shrieking, tears, and the obligatory suicide.

Set, costumes, lighting all very good.