Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sisters of Swing: The Story of the Andrews Sisters

Broadway Rose Theatre Co.
July 29, 2006; closes July 30, 2006

Chalk up another resounding success for the swinging suburbs. This straightforward revue may not have held surprises, but it did hold its own. Snappy staging and just-enough choreography, three nonstop lead women supported by two guys who can and do play just about everything — not to mention a red-hot orchestra.


Anonymous said...

...i am still! this show is beautifully directed and coreographed, combined with 3 women and 2 men who are not only amazing singers, but extremely talented actors. Chrissy Kelly, Carrie Baldwin-Sayre, and Lisamarie Harrison, along with Bobby Jackson and Ben Buckley prove a dynamite cast. Bravo Broadway rose, you've done it again!

Anonymous said...

Sisters of Swing at Broadway Rose Theater- Wow! It was all there, staging, choreography, great band, and can't say enough about the three women playing the Andrews Sisters. Beautiful voices as well as faces- they gave the audience exactly what they came to see. Three lovely sisters who did great harmony. They weren't alone up there- Bobby Jackson and Ben Buckley added just the right touches to the show playing the men in their lives. I am now a huge fan of the Andrews Sisters and of Chrissy Kelly, Carrie Baldwin Sayre and Lisamarie Harrison. Thanks for a terrific evening at the theater.