Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Thought About Raya

Insight Out Theatre Collective
April 14, 2006; closes April 29, 2006

Refreshingly different. Not sure quite what to make of appealing nonsequiterness as whole, but among this enjoyable series of individual absurdities were brilliant moments of rational clarity. Hannah Bos modeled duo’s on-point, energetic and crisp physical comedy, though some of show’s prop-based gimmicks seemed somewhat incongruous with surrounding textual burlesque.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. The physical movement was perhaps more important than dialogue. Refreshing and some very funny moments.

Worth seeing!

Anonymous said...

Bits of stories that turn back on themselves, excellent acting and character work. This is a show without transitions: one moment hilarious and childlike, the next arresting and creepy. It deserves a larger audience than the one that was assembled last night.