Friday, April 14, 2006

Redwood Curtain

Profile Theatre Project
April 13, 2006; closes May 14, 2006

Labyrinthine redwood forests — snapping twigs, wrong turns, distant echoes — were perfect metaphor for Wilson’s lost-and-lonely story. What didn’t work for me? Direction. Instead of stretching its legs to better know dramatic terrain of sylvan psyche, evidently well-equipped cast seemed consigned to paved-path loop. Redwood backdrop was splendid work of art.


Anonymous said...

"efficient staging" someone once said

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, muted, resonant, expansive.

Enjoyed this play a lot. Much more to it on stage than I got on the page.

The symposium at PSU on Saturday, May 6 where Lanford Wilson, Marhsall Mason, Tanya Berezin, Zane Lasky, and Conchata Ferrell spoke was incredible.

What an amazing opportunity to have the founding members of Circle Rep here to visit and talk with us. What a great bunch!

Profile Theater deserves a lot of credit for assembling these warriors and bringing them all the way out to Ore-gone. Definitely a theatre highlight of the year.