Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This Wonderful Life

Portland Center Stage
December 7, 2005; closes December 24, 2005

Fun stunt. Nothing compares to movie, so thankfully Energizer actor Mark Setlock avoided lampoon; adaptor Steve Murray slipped in wise-ass narrative. Less range than hoped, and tenderness rushed, but perfect mix of ribbing, respect. Dex Edward’s exceptional scenery filled Newmark with memorable hints of Bedford Falls without overcrowding solo actor.


JT said...

If this is the same gent who recorded the radio ad, I was embarrassed by his weak attempts at impersonations of Stewart, et al. I'm not so sure I'm on board with the whole notion of the thing, but I'm certainly not on board with a Dave-Coulier-esque "guy that does voices" staging a party trick version of the film. . . "The Reduced Capra Company", anyone? Maybe I'm off base - someone put me in my place?

TJ said...

My understanding is that he isn't trying necessarily to do a dead-on imitation/impersonation, but that it's more of a homage -- kind of a nod to the movie, which makes sense when you see it with the running commentary.

It is a bit of a party trick, but that can be fun, too.