Saturday, November 26, 2005

Alice in Bed

Integrity Productions
November 25, 2005; closes December 11, 2005

Choreographed prologue peaked my curiosity, after which I quickly lost interest, became confused. I never understood what was going on, why it was happening, how I should relate, what I should feel. Raw materials were there, but director might have improved production with clearer, more succinct construct. Show the story.


Anonymous said...

Helpful hint: the verb you intended up top was "piqued."

Follow Spot said...

More helpful hint: it was an intentional pun -- get it?

Anonymous said...

followspot: 1. Anonymous: nothing.

miles m. said...

speaking of puns on "piqued," this word can be used to mean "to arouse" (as in "piqued curiosity") and also, "to take pride in," so one can properly "pique oneself." i thought that was funny.